Best New Technology for Skiers/Snowboarders 2015/2016

I love technology and after reading through a number of different articles recently, I was noticing a number of new developments in skiing and snowboarding. From changes in equipment to integrating electronics into some of the equipment we already wear, people are constantly trying to figure out ways to make things better on the slopes. I’ve listed some of my favorites that I’ve come across. If you have anything that you’ve come across, let me know.

  • 1. Apex Ski Boot System

    Apex Ski Boot System

    When you are awkwardly walking around the lodge in your stiff ski boots, have you ever wondered why they can’t make ski boots more comfortable? Startup company Apex, has created the Apex Ski Boot System to make the better ski boot. By using a walkable inner boot that uses a dual BOA closure system that fits in a rigid outer chassis that adjusts for flex and forward lean, this creation by veteran Ski Boot innovator, Denny Henson, may lead the change into how ski boots are designed in the future.

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  • 2. Cyclops Gear Avalanche 1080 Snow Goggles

    Cyclops Gear Avalanche 1080 Snow Goggles

    Anyone who has taken video with a GoPro or another action camera needs to have additional attachments so they can have the camera in that perfect position. Cyclops Gear is getting into the action video market by combining a high quality 1080p video recorder into a high quality goggle. No need for additional attachments and you’ll always get that perfect POV shot.

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  • 3. BearTek Bluetooth Snow Glove

    BearTek Bluetooth Snow Glove

    BearTek Bluetooth gloves allow you to control your phone directly from your gloves without having to remove them. Not only can you control your phone, you can also control your GoPro® camera. They are high quality weatherproof goatskin leather gloves that will keep you warm and comfortable.

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  • 4. Dainese Racing Suit with Airbag

    Dainese Racing Suit with Airbag

    High speed ski racing and skicross is fast and falling can cause serious injuries. Dainese who already develops various ski racing equipment, has developed an “Intelligent Protection System” which combines a wireless air bag system with highly evolved microprocessor technology. The internal sensors and GPS signal can tell if the skier is about to have an accident. When this occurs, a small airbag deploys in 100 milliseconds to protect the skiers upper body and hips. The computer also tracks lap times, maximum speed and trajectory plotting with instantaneous speed and acceleration. The following video shows the benefits.

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  • 5. Backcountry Access Float Airbag Pack

    Backcountry Access Float Airbag Pack

    If you are an adventurous skier that loves to attack the wild backcountry or on ski patrol, you know that there is always a chance of an avalance. A fairly inexpensive way to help should this ever occur is to have a bag with an integrated airbag system. Numerous companies produce these types of bags, but Backcountry offers a variety of bags with different features with this system to fit your needs. The following video gives some additional information on some of the bags.

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