Best Ski Boot Bag for 2016/2017

One of the most practical pieces of equipment for the skier or snowboarder is the Ski Boot Bag. Carrying boots, helmet, gloves, goggles, extra layers, hand warmers, and everything else is not only a lot to carry from the car, it is a lot to keep organized when you get home. Fortunately, there are some great ski boot bags available that make the whole process much easier.

Our “Best of the Best” series takes us to Ski Boot Bags. We scoured through lists from various magazines, websites, and newspapers and chose the 10 best that we thought were well researched. We then gathered all of the bags listed and tracked the number of times they were mentioned and the pros and cons.

Below is the results of our findings for best bags.

  • 1. Kulkea - Boot Trekker - Ski Boot Bag

    Kulkea - Boot Trekker - Ski Boot Bag

    This bag seems to have it all. It is an efficiently designed durable bag with lots of features made of quality materials accented with a stylish design. It is spacious and has numerous compartments that allow easy access to all of equipment. The bag has excellent padding and adjustable straps on the shoulder, sternum, and waist make it comfortable to carry. You’ll likely be using this bag for many years. Women should look at the Powder Trekker which is a more compact model of the Boot Trekker.

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  • 2. Transpack TRV Pro Ski Boot Bag

    Transpack TRV Pro Ski Boot Bag

    The Transpack TRV Pro Ski Boot Bag is a roomy and versatile bag that ranks high on numerous “best of” lists. With a Volume of 54L, it is a very large bag that can fit a lot of gear and is ideal for skiers who travel on plane. The shoulder straps that can be hidden away and protected during travel. It is made of High quality water resistant materials that will survive travel well and it has an adjustable waist belt and sternum strap for comfort, weight distribution and stability. If you are looking for something smaller, the Women’s XTW and the Compact Pro are two models similar in features but different size.

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  • 3. High Sierra Bucket Ski Boot Bag

    High Sierra Bucket Ski Boot Bag

    If you are looking for a roomy bag that is designed to take your gear to the mountain and through the airport, the High Sierra bucket boot bag is an excellent choice. The bag meets carry-on requirements and will save you some money from the extra bag check-in fee. This bag is simpler in design without numerous separate compartments, but it is able to hold a lot of items. Not only will you be able to fit your boots, helmet, and other ski equipment, but you’ll be able to fit some addition items for your flight. The bag has padded-adjustable straps for comfort and comes in a variety of stylish colors.

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  • 4. High Sierra Wheeled Trapezoid Ski Boot Bag

    High Sierra Wheeled Trapezoid Ski Boot Bag

    If you are looking for a bag that can fit everything and not have to carry it on your back, the High Sierra Wheeled Trapezoid Ski Boot Bag is the perfect choice. The bag is designed to be extra durable and with a Large main compartment giving you plenty of room. There are separate compartments for boots, helmet, and accessories. The bag is also easy to travel with. It has inline skate wheels and a recessed, telescoping handle system allowing you to roll it or you can use the straps to carry it on you back.

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  • 5. Athalon Everything Ski Boot Pack

    Athalon Everything Ski Boot Pack

    The Athalon Everything Boot Pack is a very popular ski boot bag liked for its spacious compartments and made with high quality materials. With four padded lumbar back pads, the bag is very comfortable and has excellent support. It is also well organized having separate ventilated side entry boot sections with drainage grommets. The large main compartment that is expandable and there are clips inside for keys, or other small items that can get lost inside large compartments. Other features include: a waterproof bottom and a front MP3 player pocket with an exterior earphone port.

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