Best of the Best Ski Goggles 2015/2016

Goggles are no longer just a simple plastic for covering your eyes. New technology continues to change goggles and skiers have a large choice to choose from to match your needs and budget. In 2015/2016, ski goggle manufactures continue to improve vision for the skiers by incorporating various technology. The ability to have the correct tint and contrast is a goal that is being solved with two different features. The use of magnets is allowing skiers to quickly and easily change lenses and photochromic technology automatically changes the tint of the lenses within 28 seconds on some brands. Also, preventing fogging up is being addressed by improved ventilation and anti-fog coatings. Wider lenses are improving the field-of-view and new styles and designs to match your tastes are constantly offered.

Our “Best of the Best” series continues with Best Ski Goggles. As always, we scoured through lists from various magazines, websites, and newspapers and found a very large amount of “Best Of” lists for best ski goggles. We decided to choose the 15 best lists that we thought were well researched. We then gathered all of the goggles listed (over 50) and tracked the number of times they were mentioned and the pros and cons.

Below is our finding on best ski goggles and the top goggles.

  • 1. Oakley Flight Deck XM

    Oakley Flight Deck XM

    These are stylish goggles inspired by the helmet visors of fighter pilots. It has a rimless design to give you are smaller and more comfortable frame with exceptional peripheral vision. The lens uses Prizm technology to optimize contrast and improve visibility. The goggles are large enough if you wear glasses and are available in 11 colors.

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  • 2. Smith I/O

    Smith I/O

    The Smith I/O goggle is a comfortable goggle with excellent clarity. The biggest feature of the I/O is the Quick Release Lens System which allows quick and easy changeability of the different lenses that come with the goggles. The lens is also excellent at combating fog with their Patented Vaporator Lens Technology with Porex Filter. There is 5X Anti-Fog Inner Lens and good ventilation. Overall, these goggles are comfortable, have excellent visibility, and anti-fog features.

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  • 3. Smith I/O 7

    Smith I/O 7

    This is Smiths second goggle to make our Best Ski Goggles list is the I/O 7. Like the standard I/O, this rimless goggle offers and excellent fit and optimized visibility along with the Single Pivot Quick Release system to easily change lenses. The AirEvacTM ventilation and 5XTM anti-fog technology prevents fog up and there are dual-axis outriggers that pivot in multiple directions to ensure a good fit on your helmet.

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  • 4. Anon M3

    Anon M3

    The Anon M3 can be called a goggle “system”. These goggles come with a face fleece mask and are designed to magnetically connect with the interchangeable goggles. Therefore, the two will fit perfectly and keep you from getting those small areas where the chilly air seeps in. There are four magnetic points where your facemask connects with the goggles. The goggles use Anon Cylindrical Lens Technology which reduces peripheral distortion giving you a clearer view when shifting your eyes right and left. You also get Full Perimeter Channel Venting and an ICT anti-fog coating. A Triple Layer Face Foam keeps the goggles comfortable.

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  • 5. Dragon NFX2

    Dragon NFX2

    The Dragon NFX2 Goggle is a trendy flat-lens goggle that also allows changing lenses. But, it uses a Swiftlock Lens Change System that uses levers on each side of the frame that is very easy to use and allows you to leave your gloves on and still change your lenses in seconds. The dual cylindrical lens gives you a wide field of view and the Super Anti Fog treatment and Armored Venting keeps you seeing clearly.

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  • 6. Electric EG3

    Electric EG3

    The Electric EG3 is an oversized goggle that is the only frameless goggle that’s 100% sealed (Electric Press Seal System) allowing a perfect air-tight seal. A simple press closure makes changing lens very easy. It comes with anti-fog, anti-glare and anti-reflective kit. A 3-layer face foam provides excellent comfort. It comes in a variety of colors and has 100% UV protection.

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