Best Ski Goggles with Quick Lens Change

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When choosing ski/boarding goggles, one of the toughest decisions is selecting the tint of the lenses. The tint helps improve visibility greatly while on the mountain. Different mountains and geographic locations will cause differences in light and glare. Plus, even if you ski the same mountain every day, you’ll get hit with sunny days, cloudy days, and everything in between. Over the last few years, goggle manufactures have been trying to address this problem by creating goggles that allow you to quickly and easily change your lenses. Let’s look at the best ski goggles with quick lens change systems that are currently available.

We described the different tint of lenses in our Ski/Snowboard Goggles Buyer’s article. I would recommend having at least 2 lenses where one is for sunny days and one is for cloudy days. If you do night skiing, a clear lens is ideal. Within each of these categories, you will want to consider your vision as well. If you have eye conditions, such as astigmatism, that causes light to reflect differently, you will want to look at certain tint colors that help with contrast.

  • 1. Smith Optics I/O

    Smith Optics I/O

    The Smith I/O lenses top our list not just because of its interchangeable lens, but also because it’s just a great lens that gives excellent visibility and is tops in preventing fog. The I/O stands for Interchangeable Optics and Smith was one of the leaders on this trend. The quick change is done by flipping two top switches and two outriggers. The I/07 model utilizes a single-pivot quick release lens system that is intuitive, efficient and easy to use.

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  • 2. Oakley FlightDeck

    Oakley FlightDeck

    Oakley is one of the leaders in Ski Goggles with high-quality lenses using the latest technology that improve visibility. Their Switchlock® interchangeable lens system lets you adapt to conditions with easy lens swapping. To change the lens, flip a lever up on one side and pull the lens out from the other, replace the lens, then switch the lever back down. These also use their latest PRIZM lenses.

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  • 3. Fuel Optics

    Fuel Optics

    If you’re looking for a great value, check out the Fuel Optics goggles. You are limited in the number of tints available when compared to Smith or Oakley, but if you aren’t as sensitive to different lights and need a more general lenses for sunny and cloudy days, this is a great bargain. The goggles use a magnetic quick lens change system that makes it quick and easy when replacement or cleaning your lenses.

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  • 4. Burton Anon Men's M2 Goggles

    Burton Anon Men's M2 Goggles

    Using their Magna-Tech technology, Anon has one of the quickest lens change systems available allowing you to change lenses in seconds. The system uses magnets to secure the lens to the frame at difference pressure points. The magnets are very strong and will stay put even with the hardest crashes. Also, check out Anons’ Magnetic Facemask Integration which combines goggles and face masks for a near-seamless design.

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  • 5. Spy Optic Doom

    Spy Optic Doom

    Spy Optics uses a fingerprint-free lens change system that is operated by one simple button. The Lock Steady™ system allows you to simply push a button, pop the lenses, and unlock/lock the lens. This feature is offered on their Doom and Bravo models. Also, Anons’ Happy Lens™ is an excellent lens for skiers/riders with cataracts. It reduces eyestrain while protecting against UVA, UVB and harmful short-wave blue light.

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