Knee Binding Hardcore Ski Bindings 2016

Knee Binding Hardcore Ski Bindings 2016
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Knee Binding Hardcore Ski Bindings 2016 - The new Knee Binding Hardcore has a bigger DIN setting for the hardcore skiers that want the ultimate protection for their knees. The Pure Lateral Heel Release offers you more protection for your knees on rearward twisting falls without compensating any downhill performance. Each piece of every Knee Binding has a specific right and left components. The Hardcore offers you the Widest Mounting Platform and the Widest Boot Platform to provide you with the most power, and torsional strength to roll wider skis on edge. The Floating Mounts give your fattys a very deep and even flex. The brakes of the Hardcore sit up very high to make it easier for you to stick a switch landing in deep snow, without worrying about catching your brakes. If you are looking for a binding that will offer you more protection, with a higher DIN setting than ever before, it seems silly not to choose the Knee Hardcore.


Category Downhill
Gender Men
Skill Expert
Actual Din Range 5-14
Housing Material Resin and Stainless Steel
Max Din Setting 14
Model Year 2016
Recommended Weight Range 100+ lbs.