Knee Binding Mist Womens Ski Bindings 2016

Knee Binding Mist Womens Ski Bindings 2016
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Knee Binding Mist Womens Ski Bindings 2016 - Women have greater chances of knee injuries than men do. The Knee Mist steps us to help protect female skiers. The Mist has three different areas of release, without compromising any downhill performance, forward, twisting and rearward twisting falls you are covered. Knee Bindings even have the capability of releasing your boot sideways for the ultimate in protection. Free-Flex Mounting allows your skis to flex evenly, and the Lever Edge Technology has a platform that is was wide as your boot sole, that will improve your leverage to turn skis and fantastic edge hold on the snow. The Mist also has an optimal fore-aft stance just for the ladies, and a slightly more upright stance that will put less tension on your knees. If you want the ultimate in protection against knee injuries the Knee Mist will be the only binding for you.


Category Downhill
Gender Women
Skill Expert
Actual Din Range 3-12
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Max Din Setting 3-12
Model Year 2016
Recommended Weight Range 60+ lbs.