Knee Binding Shadow Ski Bindings 2016

Knee Binding Shadow Ski Bindings 2016
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Knee Binding Shadow Ski Bindings 2016 - The Knee Shadow is a great way for you to prevent knee injuries. Knee Bindings have three different directions of release twisting, forward, and rearward twisting, the Shadow can even release sideways, and it will not sacrifice any other performance. The Pure Lateral Heel is the only binding in skiing today that can give you that type of release and protection. The Flex Float Mounting gives your skis a deep and even flex, and Lever Edge Technology will improve your grip on the snow. A wide mounting platform will give you improved leverage and control over your skis. If you have had or want to prevent yourself from knee injuries the Knee Shadow will give you a piece of mind that your knees are safe.


Category Downhill
Gender Men
Skill Advanced
Actual Din Range 3-12
Housing Material Resin and Stainless Steel
Max Din Setting 3-12
Model Year 2016
Recommended Weight Range 65+ lbs.