Rossignol FKS 180 XL Ski Bindings 2016

Rossignol FKS 180 XL Ski Bindings 2016
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Rossignol FKS 180 XL Ski Bindings 2016 - Park pros and big mountain champs you need to make sure you are clamped in and staying in. Don't risk it. The Rossignol FKS 180 is the real deal. Seven contact points between your boot and binding, and 25mm of elastic travel in the heel you can be confidant that you are not coming out no matter how big the cliff, steep the line, or how giant the table top is. A short mounting zone gives your planks a deeper, rounder, more consistent flex, while a wider mounting platform gives more control over the fatter skis that the FKS 180 should be on. Zero ramp angle make the FKS 180 a switch skiers dream. The metal housing does add some weight (5lbs 6oz), but knowing that you wont pre-release as you send it off of bad news or strait lining the headwaters is worth a little extra weight.


Category Downhill
Gender Men
Skill Expert
Actual Din Range 8-18
Housing Material Composite Metal
Max Din Setting 18
Model Year 2016
Recommended Weight Range 170lbs+