Interested in Advertising with PowderCam?

PowderCam is dedicated to creating a website for skiers and snowboarders where they can get information that is both useful and entertaining. We know there are lots of companies like yours that offer great services or products that our users would love to learn about.

If you are interested in having your company displayed on our website, we offer 3 different methods:

  • If your company is directly related to one or more mountains on our site, we can include a link with a text summary of your products or services within the mountains web page. We currently are offering this for free.
  • If you are interested in directly placing advertising on, we offer different pricing based on the placement of the ad. See below for pricing. 
  • If you are interested in advertising specific products or being included in our ad rotation, you can become a member of the AvantLink affiliate network that we participate in. AvantLink offers companies the ability to advertise with PowderCam and numerous other companies. Unlike Google Ads, you do not pay for clicks to the websites. You will only pay a commission on actual sales that your company makes that have gone through This is a powerful service that creates a win-win situation both for you and the website. If you are interested, checkout the Affiliate Program Management from AvantLink - Click Here to Learn More!AvantLink Image

    AvantLink Image

Below are the various location and ad size available with direct advertising on PowderCam:

  • Bottom for a specific resort ($10 /month, $50 /6 months)
  • Banner throughout website (620x76) ($100 /month, $500 /6 months)
  • Background ($100 /month, $500 /6 months for all pages; $10 /month, $50 /6 months per resort page)
  • Sidebar ($25 /month, $100 /6 months for all pages; $10 /month, $50 /6 months per resort page)

E-Mail us at for more info.