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Apex Ski Boots

Last year, I wrote about Apex Ski Boots and how the company has revolutionized the ski boot industry by thinking out of the box. Rather than looking at existing boots and making slight improvements, Apex Ski Boot sets out to create a comfortable boot that can also give the performance needed on the hill. In their continuing quest to improve, they have created the XP model.

The Apex Ski Boot System was developed by experienced ski boot industry experts at Apex to make the boot as comfortable as possible. By using a walkable boot resembling a snowboard boot, it gives the skier a flexible exterior that is extremely comfortable and allows you to walk comfortably around the lodge. The Walkable Support Boot is heat moldable and the Dual Zone Boa Closure System® gives you an easy to adjust the boots to a perfect setting by simply turning the dial. For skiing, the boots are locked into the open chassis and onto the binding.

Last year, I had the opportunity to try the Apex Ski Boots and I was very impressed. When you have been skiing for 30 plus years, the boots feel very different. Ski boot technology really hasn't exanded much in a very long time. When I first saw the boots, I wondered how the skis would react on turns since the boots are so soft. I first wore the boots around the house and found it to be extremely comfortable no different then wearing slippers.

Once I got on the slopes, I was a little tentative at first. But, I can genuinely say that once I stopped thinking about the boots and just about the skiing, I realized that they are excellent performance-wise. Reaction time was no different than a standard boot. I didn't understand why I was so tentative at first. It was just in my mind. Couple the stability and reaction time of the boot with the ability to walk around at lunch time freely like a regular pair of boots, I thought this was simply a great product.

Like any new product, it takes time for people to adjust to large changes. What Apex has done is not simply make one small adjustment on the boot. They essentially reinvented it and changed ski boot technology. At first site of the Apex Ski Boots, it’s a strange look for potential customers to look at and this has been a challenge that Apex has had to address.

This past year, they began addressing the issue by expanding the ability for people to demo the boots. Numerous vendors already had demo programs for the Apex boots, but they have added their own Demo Center located at the company headquarters in Golden, Colorado. With this central location, skiers can Apex can demo the boots at the numerous ski areas in Colorado. Considering the 95% of people who demo the boots will buy a pair, this is a very successful program for them.

Like any other new product, there are always things that can be improved. For Apex, two of those issues were that the boot lacks stiffness at high speeds and that they are incompatible with certain ski bindings. These are issues that strong and experienced skiers find important. In order to address these issues, Apex has introduced the XP model.

For the most part, the XP model has the same design like its other boots to offer comfort, warmth and walkability. The model is designed for experienced skiers who are more aggressive on the mountain. Apex has made the following changes for the XP model:

  • XP utilizes a three buckle system and an “open toe” chassis, which allows for a 10 mm shorter boot sole length (BSL). A shorter BSL allows for more efficient energy transfer from the boot to the ski. 
  • Apex introduces patent pending “Serpentine Lacing” on its removable walking boot. Serpentine lacing provides a 2:1 leverage advantage for more secure fit, creating powerful heel retention for high performance skiing. 
  • The XP is also lighter and stiffer than prior models of Apex boots.

With these features, the XP provides a lighter, shorter, stiffer and higher performance boot to address the need for more advanced and demanding skiers.

It’s important to note that Apex still has their original MC-2, MC-X, and ML-3 models. I think this shows that the original model is still very good for the majority of skiers and that the XP model simply addresses the concerns of more advanced skiers.

Apex Ski Boots is sold at over 150 retailers and the claim to have more then than 15,000 skiers wearing their boots worldwide. With their continued improvements I think we are sure that Apex Ski Boots will become a common name heard on the mountain in the near future.

Company Website: apexskiboots.com

Apex Ski Boot Models

XP - Big Mountain

MC-2 – High Performance

MC-X - Big Mountain Performance

ML-3 Peak Performance Ladies

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