Cranmore Mountain stands out as Leader in Sustainability

Cranmore Mountain

This week, Cranmore Mountain Resort announced that it will be one of the first ski resorts East of the Mississippi to add an electric/diesel driven snow cat to its grooming fleet. According to their press release, they are adding a new energy efficient Pisten Bully 600 E+ which has been used in Europe and in the western U.S. and will now be used on the slopes of Cranmore, and Bromley Mountain in VT. Both resorts are operated by the Fairbank Group which has a long history of implementing sustainability projects at Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort, located in the Berkshires of MA.

The groomer is considered to be one of the most significant advancements in snow grooming technology over the past two decades. I won’t bore you with technical details, but the machines will be highly efficient and provide cost effectiveness and low environmental impact. Noise is also reduced with the engine operating at lower engine RPMs.

As well as the new snow groomers, Cranmore has also teamed up with Tesla to add two electric charge stations in its base area. Tesla drivers will be able to plug into one of two designated charge parking spots for a free charge while they enjoy the resort. Throw in additional new low energy and efficient snow gun heads, and you see the commitment by the owners, Fairbank Group, into proving that “going green” can be both good for the environment and a sound business investment.

If that isn’t enough, Cranmore’s $50 million base area redevelopment, Kearsarge Brook Condominiums at Cranmore will be one of the first condominium buildings in the state of New Hampshire to use an energy efficient electric heat pump system which will provide heat and air conditioning to each residence. Electric heat pumps represent the most efficient alternative to fuel, oil and electric systems when it comes to heating and cooling. The system reduces carbon emissions and has an efficient conversion rate of energy to heat.

“Sustainability is a major part of our resort and parent company’s mission,” added Wilcox. “Our owners, employees and guests know that being sustainable is the right thing to do for our environment and we are proud to be a leader in this category.”

The Fairbank Group, LLC based at Jiminy Peak and co-owner by the father-son team of Brian Fairbank and Tyler Fairbank, manages and oversees Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort, Cranmore Mountain Resort Bromley Mountain, EOS Ventures and Bullwheel Productions. Jiminy Peak Resort is one of the few in the nation to be powered by 100 percent renewable energy. A wind turbine, solar field and co-generation facility, all located at the resort makes the resort energy self- sufficient. For more information on the Fairbank Group visit

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