Helpful Hints on Staying Warm on the Slopes

stay warm

Staying warm on the slopes always makes it more pleasant. Nothing worse then being nice and cozy and then your kids are complaining about being cold and finding yourself in the lodge instead of on the slopes. Ski Magazine put together a good list of 15 things you can do to stay warm. They include keeping the blood moving, dressing properly (not too hot or cold) and with the right layers, how to use warmers, and how to handle kids. Some of my favorites were:

  • "Don’t chintz on buying performance soft goods for you and your kids. Breathable, waterproof, down, insulated, etc. Not Target or Costco stuff. You usually get what you pay for, and it’ll be money well spent."
  • "Don’t complain about the cold or obsess about the temperature. There is a huge mental component involved in staying warm (for short periods)". It only makes things worse since you are always thinking about it.
  • "Swing your arms in circles to get the blood flowing back into your fingers.". It's simple. You need to keep the body moving to get the blood moving.

The article provides some good information.

Read Full Article by Ski Magazine 

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