Skiing in North Korea

North Korea Resort

Ski Magazine managed to get a couple of their correspondents to go to North Korea’s brand-new $100 million luxurious Masik Ryong Ski Resort. This is an excellent article that not only describes the resort, but also gives some background into the history and also of the sad state that the citizens live in. They describe their experiences of what they went through, including going through customs, their hotel, and what they can and cannot do in North Korea.

With all of the hardship in Korea, why in the world would they build a ski resort? The answer is that Kim Jong-un apparently is a good skier. It turns out he attended a private school in Bern, Switzerland where he likely learned how to ski. Also, Americans can ski there by simply signing up with a North Korean–approved tour company and buying medical evacuation insurance. You need to follow some strict rules, but it is doable. Go to if you want to check it out.

Check out the full article to learn about the people, the resort, and the grand opening with an apparently drunk Dennis Rodman on hand.

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  • Wow! Never realized Americans could go there. But, I think I'll pass after reading this.

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