Tuckerman Inferno Race – Most Unique Pentathlon on the Planet

On April 11, 2015, the annual Tuckerman Inferno Race will be taking place in the Mount Washington Valley in New Hampshire. For those of you not familiar with the race, it pays homage to the original American Inferno ski races of the 1930’s where skiers would race from top to bottom on skis. If you have ever been fortunate enough to see vintage video of this race, you’d be amazed at the speed skiers had on equipment that basically seemed to resemble shoes tied onto a couple of 2 by 4’s.

The current Tuckerman Inferno adventure race started in 2000 and rather than being a straight top-to-bottom ski race, it now includes a 36 mile course of running, kayaking, biking, hiking and skiing to create a pentathlon event making it one of the most challenging adventure races in the country. There are events for individuals and relay teams of up to five people. The race starts in Mount Washington Valley and finishes in Tuckerman Ravine, one of the steepest terrain in the east. Note that Tuckerman Ravine is NOT a man groomed ski hill. Skiers must walk up the hill.

The fundraiser is done by the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine, a non-profit dedicated to preserve and protect the unique alpine and sub-alpine eastern slopes of Mount Washington, NH. For more information on the race, see their website at www.friendsoftuckermanravine.org/inferno_info.

The 2011 Tuckerman Inferno Pentathlon by Dick Pollock on YouTube.

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