Winter Resorts in the News (April 20, 2017)


Snow Season is Winding Down


With the season winding down in North America, PowderCam will be winding down our weekly ski resorts in the news postings. We have big plans for the fall with an expanded number of resort listings around the world and many other information. We look forward to sharing it with you.

In North America, many resorts have closed already, but for those that can never get enough skiing and riding, there are a number of resorts still open. We’ve listed a number of major resorts for you and who is open and closed.

First the Purchase of Intrawest…now Squaw Valley


The major news last week in the ski industry was the planned purchase of Intrawest (owners of Stratton, Mt. Tremblant, Blue Mountain, Steamboat, Winter Park, and Snowshoe) by a newly formed company by Aspen Skiing Company (owners of Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk) and KSL Capital Partners (affiliate with Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows). Just a couple of days later, the newly formed company announced that they were purchasing Mammoth Resorts (operators of Mammoth Mountain, June Mountain, Snow Summit, Bear Mountain and other properties and golf courses). This new company will instantly become a major player in multi-mountain passes. We’ve listed it out in our article.

NOR'BEASTER Dazed and Defrosted at Killington


Killington will be celebrating Earth Day, April 22, with bumps, brews, demos, live music, and many other things. See their environmental village and catch their live music featuring Brant Taylor Band, Roots of Creation, Steal Your Funk and Max Creek. This will be a great spring time event and a chance to catch a few more runs before the all the snow is gone.

Jay Peak $150 million settlement announced

logo-Jay Peak

Not long ago, we wrote about the scandal at Jay Peak and how the government ending up taking over not only Jay Peak, but Burke Mountain as well. In short, their owner had a massive Ponzi scheme going on and committed fraud. Now, one year later, a $150 million settlement has been reached with a financial institution to help pay numerous contractors, trade creditors, and 169 investors. If you’ve been to Jay Peak, you know that it is a fantastic ski/riding mountain with some of the best glades in the East. Fortunately, the operations for skiing/riding has not been greatly affected. You can read the full story from

Suzuki Nine Royals 2017 Year End Finale


If you are ever in search of inspiration, watching the Suzuki Nine Royals is sure to get you pumped up. The Suzuki Nine Royals bring together the world’s best female and male skiers and snowboarders and they recently came together for their grand finale at Watles, South Tyrol, Italy. With the signature Suzuki Nine Royals course and these incredible skiers/riders, you get to see some amazing feats on snow. Check out their latest video.

End of Season Equipment


This is the time of year when ski / snowboard stores need to clear out some space for the fall and the new equipment that will come in for the 2017/18 winter season. In order to make that room, many vendors will be holding huge sales. This even includes last year’s models. That makes this time of year one of the best times to look for new equipment. If you’re on the lookout for that great deal, be sure to check our “Deal Finder”. We gather numerous prices on ski/snowboard equipment every day so that you can find the best deal available from many of the top vendors in one place.

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