Winter Resorts in the News (Nov. 11, 2016)

14 Ski Resorts will be sold soon. How does this affect the Resorts?

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CNL REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) announced last week that they are selling all of their 14 ski resorts and other properties to a Missouri real estate investment trust and a New York hedge fund for $839 million deal. This deal will be the largest deal in the ski industry ever. The following resorts are included:

There is very little impact expected from the sale that will affect the resorts customers. This is the ownership of the mountain which is typically leased out to management companies. For example, Boyne Resorts manages Sunday River, Loon Mountain, and Sugarloaf and they will continue to lease the resorts. Operations at all resorts are expected to continue as normal and most skiers will never be aware that anything happended.

Loveland and Mammoth Open!

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Loveland officially opened on Thursday. Lift 1 is running giving access to Catwalk, Mambo, and Homerun. Currently, you’ll find top-to-bottom, tree-to-tree coverage with at least an 18 inch base. Their snowmakers are hard at work and the weather forecasts look promising to expend on that number. As well as Loveland, Mammoth Mountain opened as will and leads the U.S. with the most open trails right now with 8 trails.

Baby its Cold Outside!


With the cold weather taking hold in many parts of the country, snowmaking is taking hold at many mountains across the Eastern U.S. like Bromley and Sugarbush are all getting the snow guns cranking and have been getting a little natural snow as well. Everyone seems optimistic to keep their estimated opening dates on schedule. In the Denver area: Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, and Keystone have delayed their opening dates a week or so. For our complete list, click here.

Also, ski and snowboard shows continue to take place this weekend. The Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo takes place November 10-13 and the Snowbomb Ski and Snowboard Festival takes place in Sacramento on November 12 and 13.

Mount Snow adds new lift at Carinthia’s Park and expanded snowmaking.

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A lot of snowboarders and freestyle skiers on the East Coast know that one of the best places for riding is Mount Snow and Carinthia. The entire peak is dedicated to having tons of places for jumps and tricks. In order to take care of their riders, they are installing a new lift named Grommet. The lift will help give their “groms” better access to the park and a better experience.

Work where you play


If you are a skier or a snowboarder and are looking for a job (full-time or part-time), many resorts are looking for people to work in all different areas of their resorts. Different resorts such as Bromley and Killington have different job fairs going on soon. Your best bet, is to go to the web site for any resort you’re interested in and check out their job listings.

Have you ever wondered about becoming a ski instructor or working internationally? If so, check out They provide numerous listings of courses for instructors and job listings from places such as France, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, and many other places as well as the United States. If you work at a resort and are looking for people, you can add listings as well.

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