Arapahoe Basin

28194 US Hwy 6 Keystone, CO 80435
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Arapahoe Basin, also known as “A-Basin”, is located about sixty-eight miles west of Denver in Colorado. In comparison to some of the neighboring mountains, Arapahoe Basin is considered small with only 960 skiable acres and a 2,270 foot vertical drop. But, it still has 109 runs and is home to some of the most challenging terrain in the western United States Arapahoe Basin has 60% of its trails designated as advanced and expert trails and it has some of the highest skiable terrain in North America with a top elevation of 13,050 feet. About half of the mountain at Arapahoe Basin is above tree line allowing them to offer open bowl skiing and snowboarding through spring and into early summer.

Arapahoe Basin

Photo courtesy of Casey Day and Arapahoe Basin

Arapahoe Basin is not a fancy resort with the many amenities you’d fine at larger resorts, such as spas. For lodging, you would need to stay in Keystone. The mountain is great for day trips from Denver and those coming over from neighboring mountains looking for a change of pace, smaller crowds, and some advanced terrain. Arapahoe Basin is very affordable comparable to other mountains in the region and they offer numerous pre-season and online deals. Arapahoe Basin isn’t a good place for beginners. It is a great place for those looking for some serious skiing with great steep skiing, long groomers and a friendly laid-back non-corporate vibe. It is not to say that there are not any green slopes. But, only 10% of trails are designated as green making it a difficult place for people taking the slopes for the first time. Overall, Arapahoe Basin is a challenging mountain where advanced skiers will get a great bang for their dollar.

Arapahoe Basin Recommended Trails:

  • Pallavicini - one of Colorado's longest and steepest trails.

Arapahoe Basin Tips:

  • Lots of preseason and online deals are available.

    Lodging Deals

    Mountain Profile

    Top Elevation

    Top Elevation: 13050

    Base Elevation

    Base Elevation: 10780

    Vertical Drop

    Beginner: 10

    Total Runs

    Total Runs: 109


    Intermediate: 30

    Skiable Terrain

    Skiable Terrain: 960


    Advanced: 37

    Terrain Parks

    Terrain Parks: 2


    Expert: 23

    Night Skiing

    Night Skiing: No


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