Mount Cook / Tasman Glacier

Mt Cook Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park Canterbury 7999 New Zealand

Mt Cook Ski Field in New Zealand is not your normal ski/snowboarding experience for intermediate level skiers/boarders. This is not a resort. It can best be defined as a majestic mountain offering various activities including kayaking, hiking, and skiing and offering spectacular scenery. Mt Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand at 12,316 feet (3,754 meters). It is located in the Southern Alps on the South Island within the Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park about 3 hours from Queenstown.

Mt Cook Tasman Glacier

The elevation of Mount Cook makes it permanently snow-covered and where there is snow, you are sure to find skiers/snowboarders. With Mount Cook, this means riding the Tasman Glacier. There are other New Zealand glaciers, but the Tasman Glacier is very well suited for skiing/boarding and therefore attracts numerous riders for the unique experience. The glacier is 27 kilometers and is one of the world's longest glaciers outside the Polar Regions. These huge glaciers mean that you will find very long ski runs 8 to 12 kilometers long along with panoramic scenery of the biggest mountains and glaciers in New Zealand.

The unique thing about the Tasman Glacier is that you do not need to be an expert skier/boarder to get the experience of heli-skiing on a glacier. The glacier offers long but moderately steep runs making it ideal for intermediate and advanced skiers. The terrain is easy to moderate and can be compared to blue runs. The means the even ordinary skiers/boarders to experience extraordinary skiing/boarding and making it a great items to add to their "bucket list".

If you should ever be lucky enough to have a chance for this experience, there are numerous heli-skiing companies that offer services to Tasman Glacier. This will typically include flights (via plane or helicopter) to the top, a professional guide, safety equipment, lunch, taxes, and any necessary permits. The flight itself is an incredible experience as much as the skiing. On your way up, you’ll see ice caves, deep crevasses, and glacial canyons. There are also tours that will guide you to multiple glaciers in the area.

There are numerous companies offering services. Below are a couple:


  • There are Heli-skiing companies that will take you to other glaciers in the area including: The Tasman, The Murchison and the Mannering Glaciers.

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