Mt Olympus Ski Field

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Mt Olympus Ski Field in New Zealand is a small club run ski field located on the South Island in the Craigieburn Range about 3.5 hours from Christchurch. The Mt Olympus Ski Club is also known as the Windwhistle Winter Sports Club (WWSC) which was founded in 1932. The club operates in a very basic communal method which offers a very unique experience. If you are looking for a resort with lots of amenities, Mt Olympus Ski Field is not the place for you. But, if you want to get some excellent natural snow and be surrounded by skiing and boarding enthusiasts, this is sure to be an unforgettable experience into the New Zealand alpine culture.

Mt Olympus Ski Field

Mt Olympus Ski Field has 148 acres of varied terrain on 15 trails offering challenges for skiers of all abilities. It is accessed by 4 rope tows (“nutcracker” style). There are plenty of steeps, chutes, and backcountry for those looking to venture out. The positioning of the ski area to the south allows the mountain to get a large amount of light and dry snow from the storms coming out of Antarctica. Mt Olympus Ski Field also does not do grooming on the trails. They prefer the snow however Mother Nature brings it. Whenever there is a big dumping of the light dry snow, nothing is better. Also, with the relatively low number of skiers, it can take up to a week to get tracks on some slopes.

To get to the Mt Olympus Ski Field lodge, you take a tow rope from the car park. It will take you to the timber alpine lodge, also known as "The Top Hut”. This is a basic club lodge with few amenities. You can purchase refreshments, snacks, and miscellaneous items. On mountain accommodation at the Mt Olympus Ski Field are very basic. It is a centrally heated lodge with accommodation for up to 40 people in a bunk style environment with communally prepared meals. This communal setup will get you to meet and become part of the unique fabric of the ski club community and meet some of the friendly locals or international visitors. There is no rental shop (ski hire) at Mt Olympus Ski Field, but lessons are available.

Mt Olympus Ski Field Notes:

  • Mt Olympus Ski Field is the only ski area in New Zealand with a Japanese “Onsen” style hot tub on the slopes.
  • The access road to Mt Olympus Ski Field can be difficult for some to drive on.

Lodging Deals

Mountain Profile

Top Elevation

Top Elevation: 6167

Base Elevation

Base Elevation: 4691

Vertical Drop

Beginner: 10

Total Runs

Total Runs: 15


Intermediate: 55

Skiable Terrain

Skiable Terrain: 148


Advanced: 35

Terrain Parks

Terrain Parks: 0


Expert: 0

Night Skiing

Night Skiing: No


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