Sugarbush Resort

1840 Sugarbush Access Rd Warren, VT 05674
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Sugarbush Resort likes to challenge riders and leave its harder trails ungroomed leaving natural moguls on many trails. About 40% – 60% of the total trails get groomed although some of the grooming is prevented by having steep trails. Inconsistent conditions with varied snowmaking, grooming, and weather can make this unpleasant for some people. But, with 111 trails, Sugarbush Resort has plenty of runs for people looking for well-groomed cruisers.

Sugarbush Resort

Photo courtesy of Sugarbush

If there is a big complaint at Sugarbush Resort, it is the lifts. The mountain has had a tough time keeping things running smoothly when there are weather problems. Another complaint is that the two-mile-long quad (Slidebrook) connecting the two mountains is frequently not operating. A good wind or icy conditions will tend to close a number of the lifts, but Sugarbush Resort has recently made major investments in the lift system and also in snow making.

Sugarbush Resort has gone through some changes in the last while. For a long time, it has been known as having some of the best skiing in the eastern U.S. and it still does. But, the amenities were lacking. What has changed is the modernization of the mountain most of which has occurred at the base of Lincoln Peak. Lincoln Peak can be called the modern section with a small village and fine dining while Mount Ellen is old school without any fancy amenities, just skiing and boarding here. This is where you want to go if the crowds are bothering you. Mount. Ellen Base is home to Vermont’s highest chairlift, a terrain park, and a variety of other terrain.

For something unique, take a snow cat ride. There are a variety of excursions available at Sugarbush Resort including an evening snow cat ride and candlelit dinner at Allyn’s Lodge.

Sugarbush Resort Notable Trail:

  • Rumble - Ungroomed and unrelenting including drop-offs, boulders, and stumps that litter the run. Rumble is a good name for this run since you’ll be rumbling through it.

Sugarbush Resort Tips:

  • Head to Mt Ellen when lines get long.

Lodging Deals

Mountain Profile

Top Elevation

Top Elevation: 4083

Base Elevation

Base Elevation: 1483

Vertical Drop

Beginner: 24

Total Runs

Total Runs: 111


Intermediate: 41

Skiable Terrain

Skiable Terrain: 581


Advanced: 27

Terrain Parks

Terrain Parks: 3


Expert: 7

Night Skiing

Night Skiing: No

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